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Focus - The Key to Achieving Your Dreams

Ask any Olympic athlete what they feel are the most important qualities a champion must have and, inevitably, FOCUS will come to the top. Of course it is necessary to have perseverance, commitment and a strong work ethic but the factor that brings all of these things together is focus.

How focused are you in your day to day life? Do you let your mind wander aimlessly through the day or do you really focus in on your daily goals?

When I am working on a presentation or writing workbooks or articles, I have found that the more focused my mind is, the more I get done - and quickly. When I start letting the inevitable distractions of the day take away my focus, my productivity falls. This is when I or you or anyone can start to feel overwhelmed. When you allow yourself to think of the thirty-five tasks you have to do instead of focusing on just one, you simply cannot get anything done. Your mind is like a mirror ball going in a hundred different directions except for in the direction you want and need it to go. This is when you need to stop and mentally make a firm choice to just focus on one thing at a time. Then you will get one task completed and done right so you can move to the next item on the schedule.

Before you know it, by the end of the day you have actually been productive. When you are productive you can alleviate a large percentage of the stress you have to deal with on a daily basis.

Focus is the key to being able to bounce back more readily from setbacks. Focus allows you to be more committed to your goals because it helps you to make and see progress. Focus contributes to a strong work ethic because it makes you feel good about what you have been able to accomplish. Statistics say that in an eight hour work day, American workers are interrupted an average of 73 times a day. Do not let your focus be broken when other things come up. You have to discipline yourself to stay, as my ninth grade Algebra teacher used to say, ON TASK.
When you can focus better you will feel better. When you feel better you are more productive; and when you are more productive you are happier with both your personal and professional life. So set your goals for the day, week, month and year and then STAY FOCUSED!

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