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 “Our managers have been involved with the Motivational Concepts Leadership Program and are  very happy with the results we have seen from this powerful training. The content is strong and practical. We have  just signed on for another year and have  recommended this  training to our sister  property in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We would recommend it to  any company seeking to  improve results.”
  Carmen Nasser
  Employment Manager

  Beverly Hilton Hotel

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Motivational Concepts Services...
Motivational Concepts provides keynote speaking, training, assessment, consulting and performance management coaching. We can provide you with full-service organizational development initiatives.
Michael Stahl’s dynamic keynote speeches can make your next conference or event a tremendous success. His customization work to find out your organization’s specific needs and challenges allows for a presentation that resonates with your audience, is entertaining and provides real-world strategies for success.

Call 407-375-8271 For More Information on Keynote Speeches.



Inside of organizations we focus on assessing current needs, moving forward with customized training, performance coaching or specific organizational projects and then we follow up with our work in the form of measurement and setting up accountability processes.
Our core process base for implementing strategies
for optimum growth include:

mic_iconWe begin our process with a practical, results-based Behavioral Traits Assessment. This allows us to understand the current baseline of performance for both the individual and the team as a whole. We will meet, one-on-one, with each member of the team to discuss the results of the assessment and how those results relate to performance. Once this has been done, we will customize a group training session to address the development needs of the team. Then we can move forward with additional modules of customized training with our Motivational Concepts Leadership Institute.
mic_iconThe Motivational Concepts Leadership Institute provides your managers with step-by-step building blocks to achieve success and raise performance. Over a one year period, your managers learn how to create high performance employees, improve emotional intelligence, create a common language and a methodology for performance and design a team environment that leads to inspired performance at every level of your organization. This leads to a management team that uses innovation and creativity to provide quick and practical solutions to challenges and close the gap between stated values and actual practice in the workplace.

This process provides your company with the tools you need to build and sustain a positive structure that exceeds past, best performance on a consistent basis. Once this foundation has been laid, your organizational team will be able to continually assess, design and execute on positive growth strategies.
mic_iconOur focused, Target Coaching looks at specific areas of need, corrects behavioral trait imbalances and gains results in the areas of improved sales, leadership and communication. This coaching process defines goals, outcomes and action items for the individual to improve results in every area of their job role or function.

We also offer a full suite of Management Development
Training in areas such as..

  • Creating High Performance Employees
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Communication
  • Stress management
  • Situational Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Selecting and hiring high performance employees
  • Delegation
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Performance improvement and management
  • Creativity and creative problem solving
  • Managing and navigating change
  • Customer service
  • Business ethics
  • Diversity
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Presentation skills

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Leadership Results Overview

Sales Results Overview

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NOTE: Each organization is different and therefore
has unique needs. Generic solutions don't always fit your
needs or wants. A program can be completely customized
and developed based on YOUR specific objectives.
Call us for a FREE needs analysis for
your organization. 407-375-8271


Michael Stahl Receives 2010 Best of Business Award

Small Business Commerce Association™s Award Honors the Achievement

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2011, Michael Stahl has been selected for  the 2010 Best of Business Award in the Unclassified category by the  Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA)

The Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) is pleased to  announce that Michael Stahl has been selected for the 2010 Best of  Business Award in the Unclassified category.

The SBCA 2010 Award Program recognizes the top 5% of small businesses throughout the country. Using statistical research and consumer feedback, the SBCA identifies  companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy. The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off statistical research and also  information taken from monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other  consumer reports. Award winners are a valuable asset to their community  and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

About Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA)

Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) is a San Francisco based organization. The SBCA is a private sector entity that aims to provide  tactical guidance with many day to day issues that small business owners face. In addition to our main goal of providing a central repository of small business operational advice; we use consumer feedback to identify companies that exemplify what makes small business a vital part of the  American economy.

SOURCE: Small Business Commerce Association


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