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The CEO Alliance Orlando

In addition to the services of keynote speaking, management training, assessment and performance coaching, Michael L. Stahl has partnered with Bill Schwarz to create the CEO Alliance Orlando. This is an alliance of CEOs, Presidents and business owners who have the goal of creating total transformation in their companies. Michael and Bill and their associates work with these CEO’s and business owners in their own companies to define and utilize leverage points in order to create breakthroughs in growth, performance, profitability and productivity.

Additionally, Alliance members have the opportunity to also get outside of their companies to meet monthly for relationship building, support from other key executives in different industries and structured CEO level curriculum specifically designed for those people who run organizations.

The curriculum delivered by Michael L. Stahl is from Bill Schwarz’s four decades of work transforming more than 300 companies in more than 30 different industries. CEO Alliance Founder Bill Schwarz was an early pioneer of the principles that result in real change and long term commitments. He has trained thousands of executives in leadership, organizational interventions and change agentry skills. He has built several real-world businesses including a sales organization with representatives in the hundreds to a corporate satellite television network before the age of the internet.

Michael L. Stahl works with Bill as EVP and partner in the Atlanta CEO Alliance. He has begun an Orlando organization to provide business owners and CEOs with the same kind of groundbreaking and transformational experience as so many Atlanta based companies have experienced. Additionally, the bonus of the monthly meetings provides a place to talk to others who understand what they experience as opposed to always having to talk to their windshield. The CEO Alliance offers an actual curriculum of transformational learning with a focused goal of consistent, executable strategies for the members. CEO Alliance members typically experience a 10 times multiplier effect in terms of growth, performance and profitability.

Like the Atlanta CEO Alliance, Orlando companies have a “Center for Inspired Performance” created within their own organizations. This is done under the direction of Michael and Bill and allows each company to focus on their own individual needs in the areas of leadership effectiveness, sales effectiveness, productive capacity, competitive advantage, employee inspiration and customer enthusiasm.

Also, each month, in addition to the onsite Center for Inspired Performance work, every CEO or business owner member meets fact-to-face with Michael L. Stahl for an in person coaching and strategy meeting to ensure that there is consistent implementation, growth and progress for each member’s business.

Additionally, each CEO Alliance Orlando member receives significant discounts on quarterly CEO and business owner retreats that are facilitated at our North Georgia Center for Inspired Performance at Sautee Mountain Retreat. These two and half day retreats bring together CEOs and business owners from different industries and backgrounds to learn, grow, develop and eventually leave with strategy and implementation plans to enhance their internal company Centers for Inspired Performance with executive design teams and departmental cause teams in every area of the business.

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The organizational principles developed by Bill Schwarz over the course of four decades, which are the basis for the success of  CEO Alliance members, have been featured in…

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CEO Alliance Testimonials

Motivational Concepts also provides keynote speaking, training, assessment and performance coaching. We can provide you with full-service organizational development initiatives.

Michael Stahl’s dynamic keynote speeches can make your next conference or event a tremendous success. His customization work to find out your organization’s specific needs and challenges allows for a presentation that resonates with your audience, is entertaining and provides real-world strategies for success.

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For our customized consulting initiatives, we begin our process with a practical, results-based Behavioral Based Assessment. This allows us to understand the current baseline of performance for both the individual and the team as a whole. We will meet, one-on-one, with each member of the team to discuss the results of the assessment and how those results relate to performance. Once this has been done, we will customize a group training session to address the development needs of the team. Then we can move forward with additional modules of customized training with our Motivational Concepts Leadership Institute.

This process provides your company with the tools you need to build and sustain a positive structure that exceeds past, best performance on a consistent basis. Once this foundation has been laid, your organizational team will be able to continually assess, design and execute on positive growth strategies.

Inside of organizations we focus on assessing current needs, moving forward with customized training, performance coaching or specific organizational projects and then we follow up with our work in the form of measurement and setting up accountability processes.

Our core process base for implementing strategies
for optimum growth include:

The Motivational Concepts Leadership Institute provides your managers with step-by-step building blocks to achieve success and raise performance. Over a one year period, your managers learn how to create high performance employees, improve emotional intelligence, create a common language and a methodology for performance and design a team environment that leads to inspired performance at every level of your organization. This leads to a management team that uses innovation and creativity to provide quick and practical solutions to challenges and close the gap between stated values and actual practice in the workplace.

Our focused, Target Coaching looks at specific areas of need, corrects behavioral trait imbalances and gains results in the areas of improved sales, leadership and communication. This coaching process defines goals, outcomes and action items for the individual to improve results in every area of their job role or function.

We also offer a full suite of Management Development
Training in areas such as..

  • Creating High Performance Employees
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Communication
  • Stress management
  • Situational Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Selecting and hiring high performance employees
  • Delegation
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Performance improvement and management
  • Creativity and creative problem solving
  • Managing and navigating change
  • Customer service
  • Business ethics
  • Balancing the Paradoxes of Leadership.
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Presentation skills

NOTE: Each organization is different and therefore
has unique needs. Generic solutions don’t always fit your
needs or wants. A program can be completely customized
and developed based on YOUR specific objectives.

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